The Founder Jadi Dhammamitra Madhava Rao, a Post graduate in Mathematics came from a rural background worked as Warden with Buddhist T.B.M.S.G during his up downs in Hyderabad city was moved by the plight of Children’s of Circumstances and forced to take a decision when two kids in the age group of 5 to 6 namely Ravi and Vemana catch hold his legs for alms to initiate an Action for protection and upbringing of Street Children.
He talked to his two brothers living in the town and they were pleased to give a room for accommodating these children and another three kids too was added and the AADARNA HOME FOR THE ORPHANED AND NEEDY CHILDREN came into existence in the year 2003. He took up TUITION program in the houses of rich people and the money earned from that along with some own incomes run the program.
Taking care of these children, counseling them and helping them to get admitted in schools and other tasks posed a serious issue and the situation has cropped up in such a way that either he must fully look after the children or stop the Children project abruptly but he took a decision in favour of the children and left the job and initiated steps approaching various philanthropists, families and relations and spearheaded a real movement to save the Children in streets and the strength has increases year by year and the Home is taking care of 80 children,40 male and 40 female with the accommodation facilities created in two buildings with continued great help from Donors.

To overcome the hardships in getting rented building for boarding of the children prompted him with the ideas of new Trustees to go for own building and in the year 2011, 650 square ft of land was purchased at Saroor Nagar,Hyderabad, and plan was made towards the construction of a pucca building and the construction processing is going on and once completed these children will have all facilities and best care can be extended to them and ensure the development of each children for optimum development and facilitate them as good citizens of the country.

Children are the assets and future of the world and the nurturing these innocent Biological capital of the Universe is the blessings bestowed on all the human beings towards ensuring a peaceful and prospering World without signs of chaos and destruction and if a single child is left out without attending, no one can escape from the repercussions.

While normally Children are taken care of by parents, the children borne as Children’s of Circumstance due to poverty, death, disabilities, diseases and estrangement of parents , calamities, wars and conflicts, illegal contacts and many other abnormal reasons are got abandoned and pushed into streets and vulnerable situations and many falling victims of abuses, trafficking and exploitation.
Grown criminals pick up such children and develop them as terrorists, smugglers and anti social activists, thereby the peace and tranquility of Community is disturbed and Governments have to create more infrastructures for security.

At the spurting age the child needs attention, care, compassion and solace and if not given at this Right the child is entitled to have, we are developing them as rough personalities, acquiring all bad habits and each one of us is responsible for growing anti-social elements, posing problems for a civilized society.
They can endanger peace and harmony in the society and even become challenges to the Government.

With the twin objective of ensuring peaceful society and ensuring growth of neglected children with good behavior useful to community AADARANA under the compassionate leadership of Darmamitra Madhava Rao is working and we request individuals, institutions and groups to come forward and join in this noble national task as Donors, supporters and Sponsors and guarantee that no children becomes antisocial elements or got abandoned.

The Government has provided AADARANA 35 AC for full tax exemption,80G for 50% exemption,FCRA towards foreign contribution and made it easy for philanthropists, Donors, institutions to assist the organization with their money without giving taxes for their hard earnings but use for the most important humanitarian task of giving life to children thereby getting salvation and mental solace.

We request all to use this opportunity to support the abandoned and orphaned children cause and express your solidarity for the neglected children care and show your love and affection for fellow humans.