Jadi Madhava Rao founded Aadrana Home for Orphans and Needy Students in 2003.
Aadarana means to hug the orphans and provide shelter with homely atmosphere.
It is established to help provide orphan children with accommodation, education, knowledge under one roof above and beyond the love and affection of the parents, which they lost.

Aadarana is dedicated to provide various facilities and impart training to fulfill the aims and objectives to make the orphan children independent and raise them to become the most respectable citizens in society.
The establishment of Aadarana was initiated by Dhamma Mitra Madhavarao along with his friends, educationists and philosophers.
Dhamma Mitra Madhavarao from childhood was inspired by the service rendered to the people by greatest personalities like Mother Theressa, Dr. BR Ambedkar, Bhanthe Sangharakshitha (T.B.M.S.G) and he made up his mind to follow their path by serving mankind.
His thoughts when shared with his like-minded friends, colleagues, relatives and family members evoked positive responses and with their support and service, Aadarana was established.

Trustees on the job:

Founder and General Secretary Jadi Madhava Rao
President Vakati Santhosh Reddy
Vice President M.Krishna
Vice President. P.Ram Subash
Joint Secretary Dr.V.Dharmaiah
Joint Secretary K. Giridhar
Treasurer Dr. Lacchiram Naik – Scientist (F), DLRL
Executive Member J.D.V.Prasad
Executive Member J.Koteswara Rao


D.S.R.K.Nehru,Rtd. AGM SBH
K.Rangaro, Senior Audit Officer
B.Hariprasad, Scientist(F),DRDL,
Ministry of Defence, Govt.of India