AADARANA (The Home For Orphaned And Needy Students)
Feed a Hungry Child Brighten a child's future Make a child Smile Today You can help a child get educated Gift a Smile You can spread a million smiles Your help means a lot to these children


About Aadarana

Jadi Madhava Rao founded Aadrana Home for Orphans and Needy Students in 2003. Aadarana means to hug the orphans and provide shelter with homely atmosphere. It is established to help provide orphan children with accommodation, education, knowledge under one roof above and beyond the love and affection of the parents, which they lost.

Sponser Us

Sponsor a Child: Rs24,000/- per year (@Rs. 2000/- per month) towards Food, hygiene, clothing, bedding material, accommodation, education interventions (fees, books, transportation, stationary etc…), health, sports and entertainment. One can pay on monthly basis or annual basis. Sponsoring any items/provisions in bulk. Donating any amount which will get Income tax exemption.


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